Overhead Stowage Bin Repair Part for Boeing 737NG Now FAA Approved

Vogt Aero Announces FAA Approval of STC-ST02643LA

CHANDLER, AZ – March 22, 2017 – Vogt Aero is pleased to announce FAA approval of Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) -ST02643LA for the 737NG models 737-600/700/800/900/900ER.  This STC installs wear strips along the inboard edge of the overhead stowage bin of the Boeing Sky Interior to protect the torque tube cover (pn 412A7215-XXXX) against wear damage incurred from normal use.  It can also act as a repair for damage that has already occurred. Additionally, the wear strips upgrade the interior appearance to the latest B737NG Standard.

Boeing Service Letter 737-SL-25-168 cites reports from several operators of exposed composite fibers from premature wear; this is caused by normal daily usage of passengers loading and unloading the overhead bins.  These exposed fibers degrade the aircraft aesthetics, damage passenger luggage, and potentially cause injury to the passengers.  Boeing has provided a costly solution per 737-SL-25-168.  Vogt Aero provides a cost efficient solution tailored specifically to each aircraft configuration.

In addition to STC development, Vogt Aero develops PMA parts and offers a variety of technical services.  Vogt Aero continues to grow by ensuring that services, PMA parts, and STCs are of superior quality, pricing, and customer service.

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